There are a number of sources for rehearsal files, many with different instruments to highlight each part and some with computer generated realisation of the lyrics.

Here I am starting a collection in which the choir parts are played by a piano and the orchestra played by strings sometimes augmented say with percussion or timps when appropriate. In addition, a metronome is also recorded to give the listener the pulse and help with more complicated rhythms. To ensure that parts can be clearly heard, dynamics have been ignored.

The files can be downloaded to your computer by right clicking (or CTRL + click) on the mini player for each file. My preference is to use my Google Drive account (15GB of free cloud storage). I can then access the files without needing to revisit this site, plus having the Google Drive app on my phone and tablet I can play the the files on these devices. The Google Drive app gives an option to make the files available offline and has a 30 second rewind button if one wants to play over a tricky portion without having to go back to the start again.

First three works
Handel Utrecht Jubilate
Handel Utrecht Te Deum
Mozart Solemn Mass in C K337

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